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Shredded By Science, Dr Eric Helms, Dr Mike Zourdos


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What will you learn

  • Deliver the best possible Personal Training service to your clients
  • Master programming for fat loss and muscle gain
  • Coach bodybuilders and powerlifters of all levels
  • Set up and run your own profitable fitness business – offline, online, or somewhere in the middle

We’ll keep this short and sweet – you’ve no doubt seen too many badly-written sales pages from people claiming they’ve got some secret ‘hack’ to fitness success. You’re here because you’re wondering how the SBS Academy will help you – let us explain. 

We carefully crafted our flagship, year-long course around some concepts that are “non-negotiables” for us:

  1. The SBS Academy will make you a better Personal Trainer, coach, or a more knowledgeable trainee.
  2. The SBS Academy has exceptional tutors who are compassionate, authentic and utterly devoted to improving your abilities.
  3. The SBS Academy allows for distance learning, which allows you to learn in your own time from anywhere in the world.

Academy students get an entire year of tuition and support from the Shredded By Science Team, Eric Helms and Dr Mike Zourdos.

Over the course of that year, you’ll be taught 4 modules covering everything you need to confidently stand on your own two feet as a Personal Trainer in any setting:

Module 1: Foundations of Personal Training

Tutor(s): Team SBS

Duration: 18 weeks plus a 2-week exam period 

Module 2: Coaching for Physique Athletes

Tutor(s): Eric Helms

Duration: 10 weeks plus a 1-week exam period

Module 3: Coaching for Powerlifters

Tutor(s): Dr Michael C. Zourdos

Duration: 10 weeks plus a 1-week exam period

Module 4: Setting up a Fitness Business

Tutor(s): Luke Johnson

Duration: 6 weeks

For UK students, we have also teamed up with Train.Fitness to offer students the chance to bolt on a L2 Gym Instructor/L3 Certificate in Personal Training qualification onto their SBS Academy studies.

Please note that purchasing the bolt-ons can only be done after enrolment to the SBS Academy.

Bolt-On L2/L3 Prices

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor & Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training – £700
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training – £499*

*to select this option, you must hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification

Are there flexible payment options?

Yes, there are!

The pricing options are below:

Early-Bird One Off: £1,150

Early-Bird Monthly Direct Debit: 12 monthly payments of £115

General Sale One Off: £1,300

General Sale Monthly Direct Debit: 12 monthly payments of £130

Please note that, if you cancel your direct debit or if we don't receive payments that we're owed then your SBS Academy access will be cancelled. Lifetime access is guaranteed once we've received all monies owed.

Is it all online?

Yes, it is – all the lectures and assessments are delivered online so you can stumble in from your 7.30 p.m. session with Sally (who has absolutely no idea how she hasn’t lost weight only eating 1300 calories a day) and study without us complaining about the smell.

If you’re UK-based, you can add bolt-ons to also enroll on a nationally accredited Personal Training L2/L3 course.

Can I do it at my own pace?

We wanted to make sure that the SBS Academy provides you with the most thorough educational experience possible. As a result, we require you to take a full year to complete the course. We only release one lecture unit per week, to ensure that you have sufficient time to study it in the depth that we expect for the exams (yes, there are exams) at the end of each module.

Can I do specific modules only?

Currently, we don’t offer any modules for sale separately. Sorry!

Do I get lifetime access to the videos?

Yes, you do* - and you also get access to any updated versions of the course material, free of charge.

*As above - if you're paying monthly, lifetime access is guaranteed once we've received all 12 monthly instalments.

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes – and it’s great. We have all our past students in there, all the tutors too; it’s just a fun place to learn and connect with all the awesome people that are the SBS Academy students.

How much time will I need to dedicate to studying?

Most students study between 2-3 hours per week, and the vast majority manage to fit it in with Personal Training, an office job, family life, looking after cats, watching videos of cats on Facebook… you get the idea.

Will I have to sit exams?

As much as we’d love to be able to certify you without exams… we can’t. At the end of each unit, there is a mini-quiz to reinforce your learning, but these don’t count towards your final grade. At the end of each module, there is an open-book exam; we use these exams to give you a final grade.

Do I get a certificate? 

Yes - if you pass the course and don't have any outstanding payments, you will be issued with a virtual and physical copy of your certificate.

Is this course accredited?

No, but we offer discounts with Train.Fitness to take their internationally accredited L2/L3 Personal Trainer Diplomas.

“To anybody even taking more than 5 seconds to consider whether to sign up to the academy, let me please save you your valuable time – JUST DO IT. I promise you it will single-handedly be the best decision you will make after first making the consideration to enter this career path.

I have been in the industry for around 12 years, coached over 20,000 hours of 1-1 clients and let me say this, the Academy has been THE MOST VALUABLE TOOL I HAVE.

I just wish that the Academy had been around at the start of my career, so I didn’t have to make so many mistakes to get me to where I am today. Yes, I have learned through experience and further education throughout my career, along with spending thousands of pounds learning from the best in the industry - but with the Academy, I honestly believe that literally EVERYTHING is covered.

The way in which the learning is set out is suitable for every learning level, the course structure is easy to follow, the various coaches presenting the units are absolutely fantastic and it’s honestly a joy to learn.

There are literally hundreds of tips I’ve picked up and been able to implement immediately with my clients and I am so thankful for that.

Let me put it this way, implementing a couple of the tips with a new client, will ensure they remain a long term client thus paying you back for the money spent on the course, so it’s almost as though the course is free

Once again - this is the best investment I’ve ever made in my career.”

Dean Connor

“Enrolling on the SBS Academy was one of the best decisions I made with regards to furthering my career in the fitness industry. Over the past few months, I have learnt so much more than what I would have gained from a 6-week intensive course. The academy stands out by miles from others as most of the content and values truly cannot be found on other courses – and I researched extensively before I decided to enrol. If I had to sum up my experience, I would say it’s the best content and support-based value for money in the fitness industry at the moment.”

Funda Ozmus

“Would recommend for anyone wanting to nail the foundations that so many people get wrong.

From the fundamentals of PT with a wide array of experts in the industry to powerlifting from Dr Mike Zourdous and bodybuilding from Dr Eric Helms both world renowned coaches in there feilds.

Very good information from some of the worlds best, touched on a lot of stuff that I knew but really should have paid more attention too, it did add in some gems to my methods especially for programming powerlifting and all in all got me thinking a bit more and getting clients better results.”

Ru Pinkerton

“Followed SBS for a while before enrolling and I have no regrets at all. The course content and format is top notch. Week by week lessons take the pressure off and give you enough time to understand each unit or ask questions. Feedback and responses from the guys at SBS are second to none with other learners able to communicate with each other. This course is what puts you in an advantage against the bog standard pt courses and I would definitely look to invest in any other courses in the future.”

Ryan Spencer

“From dealing with my queries and concerns before signing up to the course (as a fitness enthusiast rather than a PT) right through to post qualification, the support from SBS has been second to none.

The Academy itself was fantastic and gave me the knowledge and confidence to move into Personal Training as a career. Having undertaken other courses I can wholeheartedly say that SBS are head and shoulders above other education providers in terms of their materials, tutors, support and community.

Cannot recommend enough to anyone working in the industry or with a keen interest in training.”

Andrew Thompson

“I decided to join SBS Academy in March last year because fitness and training became a hobby which formed part of my life.
My coach recommended the academy to me. I could not imagine a better course to learn from which empowered me with the knowledge I would not of got elsewhere It gave me the ability to prep myself for my second fitness photoshoot with much confidence.
I couldn’t recommend the course enough.
It was by far the best decision I took last year.”

Dorota Sokolowska

“Feedback after the first 3 modules of the SBS PT Course
- Very good structure of content
- Learning from the best trainers and scientists of the business
- The content (which alone is already top notch) is presented in a very enjoyable way: videos with slides + seeing the presenter talking while he holds the lecture
- very quick and easy communication - the team is always trying to help solve problems as quickly as possible

It's obvious that the SBS team is constantly improving the quality of their content and the way they present it.
They're not only concerned about making money by selling an online course but are constantly striving to provide the best possible product.

100% Recommendation.”

Christian Lazarov

“The best thing I did for myself in 2017 was to enrol at SBS. I had to make sacrifices to pay for the course, but I honestly have no regrets. I’ve only done a quarter of the course, but already feel the quality of service I give to my clients has improved significantly.”

Pippa Botha

“I have been following and listening to everything this team puts out. I love the value of the content and the cheeky banter between the team. I listen to their podcasts during weight training and it also helps me get through cardio.

What an awesome team of individuals. Thanks for all you do!

I am enjoying the SBS Academy. I am happy I made the leap and invested into my education through your company.”

Traci Canfield

You don’t need to be a qualified Personal Trainer to enroll on the SBS Academy. If you’re a trainer already, great – we’ll make you a better one (promise). If you’re thinking of becoming a coach, then you’re in the right place too. If that’s not on your radar, but you’re obsessed with learning about the science and application of all things fitness – perfect.

Our only real requirement is that you’re curious, committed and capable of setting aside 3-5 hours a week for studying. And that you send us protein bars.*

*Okay, not really. You’ll also need a computer or smartphone, and a WiFi connection. That’s it.

Course Outline

Accounting & Insurance For Personal Trainers (UK only)

  • Accounting for Personal Trainers 16 mins
  • Insurance for Personal Trainers 13 mins

Module 1 - Foundations of Personal Training

  • Introduction (Watch Me First!) 07 mins
  • Unit 1 - Part 1 - The Basics Of Human Metabolism 1 hr 20 mins
  • Unit 1 - Part 2 - The Basics Of Human Metabolism 1 hr 11 mins
  • Unit 1 - Part 3 - The Basics Of Human Metabolism 40 mins
  • Unit 2 - Selecting The Right Nutrition Approach 1 hr 02 mins
  • Unit 3 - The Science of Habit Based Coaching 31 mins
  • Unit 4 - Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and The... "Unaesthetic" 1 hr 15 mins
  • Unit 5 - Part 1 - Nutrition Programming For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain 19 mins
  • Unit 5 - Part 2 - Nutrition Programming For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain 59 mins
  • Unit 5 - Part 3 - Nutrition Programming For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain 44 mins
  • Unit 6 - Mastering The Client Consultation Process 57 mins
  • Unit 7 - Breaking Down Barriers, Setting Goals & Focusing On The Process 49 mins
  • Unit 8 - Upper Body Progressions & Pregressions 41 mins
  • Unit 9 - Lower Body Progressions & Pregressions 56 mins
  • Unit 10 - Mastering The Basics of Programme Design 44 mins
  • Unit 11 - Programming For Your Typical Gym Users, In A Gym Setting 49 mins
  • Unit 12 - Programming For Special Populations - The Newbie, Elderly & Previously Injured 35 mins
  • Unit 13 - Programming For Small Group/Semi-Private Training 31 mins
  • Unit 14 - Energy Systems Training 1 hr 06 mins
  • Unit 15 - Programme Considerations For Endurance Events 1 hr 05 mins
  • Unit 16 - Female Training & Nutrition Considerations 49 mins
  • Unit 17 - Client Adherence Strategies & Creating A Community 43 mins
  • Unit 18 - Analysing and Interpreting Fitness Research 47 mins

Module 2 - Coaching Physique Athletes

  • Unit 1 - Introduction into being a physique coach 31 mins
  • Unit 2 - Pre-Planning For Contest Preparation 31 mins
  • Unit 3 - Adherence & Consistency 27 mins
  • Unit 4 - Energy Balance & Macronutrients 34 mins
  • Unit 5 - Micronutrients, Nutrient Timing & Supplementation 37 mins
  • Unit 6 - Resistance Training In Bodybuilding 11 mins
  • Unit 7 - Training Periodization 1 hr 01 mins
  • Unit 8 - Acute Variables of Training 14 mins
  • Unit 9 - Cardiovascular Training For Bodybuilders 13 mins
  • Unit 10 - Competition Day & Post Competition 52 mins

Module 3 - Coaching For Powerlifters

  • Unit 1 - Powerlifting Structure, Importance, Federation & Journey 34 mins
  • Unit 2 - Skeletal Muscle Plasticity, Endocrine Responses & Rest Intervals 1 hr 10 mins
  • Unit 3 - Concurrent Training 33 mins
  • Unit 4 - Warm-Up Considerations 41 mins
  • Unit 5 - Periodization Theory, Research and Type 54 mins
  • Unit 6 - Integration of Periodization Part 1 1 hr 00 mins
  • Unit 7 - Integration of Periodization Part 2 35 mins
  • Unit 8 - Assistance Lifts 51 mins
  • Unit 9 - Teaching The Lifts 51 mins
  • Unit 10 - Meet Day Prep 1 hr 11 mins

Module 4 - Setting Up Your Fitness Business

  • Unit 1 - Building A Brand & Knowing Your Avatar 35 mins
  • Unit 2 - Client Acquisition - Gym Floor and Offline Marketing Strategies 36 mins
  • Unit 3 - How To Use Social Media & Build A Content Strategy 41 mins
  • Unit 4 - Online Marketing Strategies 34 mins
  • Unit 5 - Setting Up Efficient Online Coaching Systems 54 mins
  • Unit 6 - Planning For Long Term Success In The Fitness Industry 41 mins
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