Shredded By Science, Dr Eric Helms, Dr Mike Zourdos


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What will you learn

The full SBS Academy will teach you to:

  • Deliver the best possible Personal Training service to your clients
  • Master programming for fat loss and muscle gain
  • Coach bodybuilders and powerlifters of all levels
  • Set up and run your own profitable fitness business – offline, online, or somewhere in the middle


Curious about whether the SBS Academy is right for you? Try out six full units for free with this SBS Academy free preview course. Use the software, watch the lectures, take the quizzes and find out if the SBS Academy is right for you.

We know it's a big investment (both money and time-wise), and we only want you to enrol if you're sure it's the right thing for you.

Included in the free preview: 

Module 1: 

Unit 1, Part 2 - The Basics of Human Metabolism (1 hour 11 minutes)

In this unit, we teach you to understand all the factors that can influence someone's bodyweight, and what you can do to impact this as a personal trainer/coach. Calories, energy balance, hormones and psychology - it's all covered in this unit. 

Unit 8 - Upper Body Progressions and Pregressions (41 minutes)

In this unit, you'll learn our system for pinpointing exactly which upper body exercises to use with clients. Ever wondered whether you're getting your clients to use the right exercise at the right time? We'll teach you how to take someone from doing their first pushup to bench pressing with the best. 

Unit 17 - Client Adherence Strategies and Creating A Community (43 minutes)

Worried that your clients aren't sticking to your advice? Luke will show you some strategies to improve your clients' stick-to-it-ability, and reveal the power of creating an intentional client community in building a sustainable fitness business. 


Module 2:

Unit 1 - Introduction to being a physique coach (31 minutes)

Dr Eric Helms kicks off his module with a great unit that'll give you the 'big picture' when it comes to coaching bodybuilders. You'll learn about what your athletes will go through, what your scope of practice is when coaching, and through that you'll learn exactly where you fit in as a coach.

Module 3: 

Unit 5 - Periodization Theory, Research and Types (54 minutes)

Periodization is a confusing subject for many, and you may well be unsure as to just how to periodize your clients' training. Dr Mike Zourdos breaks down the history of periodization theory and discusses a simple strategy for your clients who want to focus on strength gain. 

Module 4: 

Unit 2 - Client Acquisition - Gym Floor and Offline Marketing Strategies (36 minutes)

Any fitness business lives and dies on its ability to find the right people to help - and if you work in a gym, most of them are right there in front of you when you're at work. Luke gives you some foolproof strategies to tap into that ready made market. 



Please note that these apply to the full  SBS Academy.

Are there flexible payment options?

Yes, there are!

The pricing options are below:

Early-Bird One Off: £1,150

Early-Bird Monthly Direct Debit: 12 monthly payments of £115

General Sale One Off: £1,300

General Sale Monthly Direct Debit: 12 monthly payments of £130

Please note that, if you cancel your direct debit or if we don't receive payments that we're owed then your SBS Academy access will be cancelled. Lifetime access is guaranteed once we've received all monies owed.

Is it all online?

Yes, it is – all the lectures and assessments are delivered online so you can stumble in from your 7.30 p.m. session with Sally (who has absolutely no idea how she hasn’t lost weight only eating 1300 calories a day) and study without us complaining about the smell.

If you’re UK-based, you can add bolt-ons to also enroll on a nationally accredited Personal Training L2/L3 course.

Can I do it at my own pace?

We wanted to make sure that the SBS Academy provides you with the most thorough educational experience possible. As a result, we require you to take a full year to complete the course. We only release one lecture unit per week, to ensure that you have sufficient time to study it in the depth that we expect for the exams (yes, there are exams) at the end of each module.

The free preview course can be sat entirely at your own pace.

Can I do specific modules only?

Currently, we don’t offer any modules for sale separately. Sorry!

Do I get lifetime access to the videos?

Yes, you do* - and you also get access to any updated versions of the course material, free of charge.

*As above - if you're paying monthly, lifetime access is guaranteed once we've received all 12 monthly instalments.

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes – and it’s great. We have all our past students in there, all the tutors too; it’s just a fun place to learn and connect with all the awesome people that are the SBS Academy students.

How much time will I need to dedicate to studying?

Most students study between 2-3 hours per week, and the vast majority manage to fit it in with Personal Training, an office job, family life, looking after cats, watching videos of cats on Facebook… you get the idea.

Will I have to sit exams?

As much as we’d love to be able to certify you without exams… we can’t. At the end of each unit, there is a mini-quiz to reinforce your learning, but these don’t count towards your final grade. At the end of each module, there is an open-book exam; we use these exams to give you a final grade.

Do I get a certificate? 

Yes - if you pass the course and don't have any outstanding payments, you will be issued with a virtual and physical copy of your certificate.

Is this course accredited?

No, but we offer discounts with Train.Fitness to take their internationally accredited L2/L3 Personal Trainer Diplomas.

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You don’t need to be a qualified Personal Trainer to enroll on the SBS Academy. If you’re a trainer already, great – we’ll make you a better one (promise). If you’re thinking of becoming a coach, then you’re in the right place too. If that’s not on your radar, but you’re obsessed with learning about the science and application of all things fitness – perfect.

Our only real requirement is that you’re curious, committed and capable of setting aside 3-5 hours a week for studying. And that you send us protein bars.*

*Okay, not really. You’ll also need a computer or smartphone, and a WiFi connection. That’s it.

Course Outline

Watch This First!

  • How to use the software 03 mins

Module 1 - Foundations of Personal Training (Free)

  • Unit 1 - Part 2 - The Basics Of Human Metabolism (Free) 1 hr 11 mins
  • Unit 8 - Upper Body Progressions and Pregressions (Free) 41 mins
  • Unit 17 - Client Adherence Strategies and Creating A Community (Free) 43 mins

Module 2 - Coaching Physique Athletes (Free)

  • Unit 1 - Introduction To Physique Coaching (Free) 31 mins

Module 3 - Coaching For Powerlifters (Free)

  • Unit 5 - Periodization Theory, Research and Types 54 mins

Module 4 - Setting Up Your Fitness Business (Free)

  • Unit 2 - Client Acquisition - Gym Floor and Offline Marketing Strategies 36 mins
  • SBS Academy Enrolment 00 mins
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