About Us

Hey! We're SBS, and our mission is simple:

We want the next generation of Personal Trainers to be confident, curious, and consummate professionals. 

(See? No crazy boasting, no industry gobbledegook, nothing that's going to leave people confused. That's not how we roll at SBS.)

That's why everything we do revolves around those 3 qualities. 

We've tried a lot over the years, because we're pretty serious about what we do. Some of it's worked, and we're not ashamed to say that some of it hasn't - but rest assured that we learn from our mistakes and are constantly evolving to ensure that whatever you take from us is up-to-date, easy to digest and (most importantly) actually useful.

You'll always be dealing with real humans at SBS too. Humans who like lifting, eating protein and reading research just as much as we love gaming, lazing around at the beach with a beer (or 3) and binge-watching stuff on Netflix. We do have a ManyChat bot who can help you out if you message us on Facebook - he's pretty smart, for a bot - but there's always the option to speak to a human too. 

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